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Alain Trudel signs on to be next Toledo Symphony Orchestra music director

TOLEDO, Ohio — The Toledo Symphony Orchestra has signed on Canadian conductor Alain Trudel for a three-year contract as its new music director.

He’ll replace Stefan Sanderling, who left May 2017 after 15 seasons. He’ll start directing in 2018 during the symphony’s 75th anniversary.

“Is there a special kind of commitment to the community?” Trudel asked aloud. “Is there commitment to education? To youth? Is there a commitment to their audience? Do they want to share or do they just want to perform? For me it’s performing, yeah, but sharing the performance. I felt all of those. So once you hit all of those marks, why would you not want to be here?”

For the 2017-2018 series Trudel will conduct two performances, including pieces by Rachmaninoff and Mozart.

(Source: NBC News